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Corundum wearable plastic

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Corundum wear-resistant plastic is made of high-alumina bauxite clinker, corundum and silicon carbide and other wear-resistant raw materials, combined with powder or liquid binder, and mixed with some additives. It has excellent wear resistance at high temperature. Plastic. It is suitable for the cyclone cylinder of the circulating fluidized bed boiler, the lining of the furnace wall and the parts with severe impact and wear of coal ash.
A mud or mud-like amorphous refractory material constructed by beating, vibrating or pressing. Refractory aggregates, powders, binders, admixtures, water or other liquids with a certain grade are thoroughly mixed. According to refractory orthopedic materials, it is divided into: clay, high alumina, corundum, siliceous, magnesia, chrome, zircon and silicon carbide refractory plastic. According to the type of bonding agent: water glass, phosphate and organic binder refractory plastic. According to the hardening method, there are two kinds of gas-hard or thermo-hard refractory plastics. Corundum refractory plastic is made of wear-resistant raw materials, aggregated with powder or liquid binder, and mixed with some additives. It is excellent in wear resistance at high temperature.
Performance: re-firing line change, thermal shock resistance, slag resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, hydration resistance, CO corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, oxidation resistance, etc.
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