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On the present situation and technical progress of refractories

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2020/03/30 11:11
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1、 Present situation of refractories in China
More than 30 years of reform and opening up, China's refractory industry has made great progress. The output of refractories in China ranks first in the world, the quality and variety of refractories have been greatly improved and developed, and the technical level of refractories is rapidly approaching the international advanced level. However, there are still many problems in China's refractories industry, such as: high consumption level of refractories; many refractories production plants, low concentration; poor quality stability of refractories products; insufficient innovation; research and development work mainly focused on the formula composition structure and performance of materials, but not enough attention to production process control and use of refractories.
At present, China's economic development has entered a transition period. Refractory users have a large amount of excess capacity, economic benefits decline, and environmental requirements are increasingly strict. These have caused great difficulties for refractory enterprises. There are many reasons for these problems, which are related to the transformation of China's national economic development mode, but also closely related to the problems of refractory industry itself. For example, the existence of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises shows that the advantages of science and technology and large-scale production have not been fully exploited, giving low-level small and medium-sized enterprises a chance to survive. These problems are related to production management, scientific and technological progress and thinking mode of refractory workers, which can not be solved completely soon. This paper only puts forward some views and suggestions on the problems related to science and technology.
In the field of materials, refractory is a small and traditional branch, which has not received enough attention. It is an indispensable basic material for the national economy, and also the most complex one of the materials. It has the characteristics of multi-component, multi granularity and heterogeneous composite structure, so it is much more difficult to control this structure than other materials. Therefore, the quantity and depth of research are behind other materials, and the development of science and technology is relatively slow. Looking back on the past half century, there are only two important technologies affecting the development of refractories.
1) Carbon containing refractories. Watanabe of Japan introduced graphite into refractories, which constitute the main body of refractories for steel-making today.
2) Unshaped and unburned refractories. Many technologies are borrowed from the construction concrete technology.
2、 Discussion on the development of refractory production technology
Big data and refractory production process control
In recent years, big data is a hot topic, which involves all aspects of people's daily life and production. Governments also attach great importance to the application of big data.
The so-called big data is actually a huge amount of data generated in the process of human life and production. In the process of human life and production, it is inevitable and natural to use a large number of conditions and produce a large number of results. When they are represented by data, they form big data. It must be noted that big data does not exist in recent years. As long as there are human life and production activities, all kinds of data will inevitably be generated. Because of the backward technology in the past, people have no ability to express, collect and process these data. With the development of technology, people's ability to collect and process these data has been greatly strengthened. Especially with the development of computing technology, the ability to process data is very strong, which makes it easier for people to get useful information and laws from these data. Through the analysis of big data, we can get useful information for people. There are three characteristics of big data analysis.
1) Different from the original mathematical statistical analysis, big data analysis uses all data, not data samples.
2) Willing to accept the complexity of data, no longer excessive pursuit of data accuracy, allowing a bit of wrong data.
3) Don't pay special attention to the causal relationship between data. Only care about the relationship between them.
Big data analysis is of great significance to refractory industry. At present, refractory enterprises are facing great cost pressure. On the one hand, the production cost rises, on the other hand, the sales price falls. To change this situation, only through the efforts of refractory enterprises themselves, and the application of big data analysis will help.