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Henan refractory plant promotes structural adjustment and competition of refractory raw materials in the world

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2020/03/28 10:25
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Export status
1. Raw materials exported by Henan Province mainly include bauxite, brown corundum, silicon carbide, high alumina cement, forsterite, mullite, magnesia alumina spinel, graphite, various micro powders, etc. Among these varieties, bauxite exports the most. The industry and trade company represented by Henan mine refractory company exports more than 100000 tons of bauxite annually, accounting for 1 / 2 of the province and 1 / 10 of the country. The exported bauxite enters the international market for non metallurgical purposes.
2. The refractory products are represented by Luoyang Refractory Group Co., Ltd., Jiaozuo refractory factory and Henan mine refractory company. The annual export volume of refractory products in Henan Province has reached 30000 tons. The main export products are coke oven silica brick, glass kiln silica brick, alkaline brick, high alumina brick, clay brick, non fired high alumina brick, light brick, alumina carbon brick, carbon block, magnesia carbon brick, silicon carbide brick , alumina magnesia carbon brick, refractory fiber and some amorphous refractories, etc. There are also small batch export opportunities for functional materials such as aluminum carbon sliding plate brick, quartz nozzle, air permeable brick, etc. The export of refractory raw materials in Henan Province has experienced ups and downs and gained valuable experience. Now it is gradually mature and the trade volume is increasing year by year. At present, the export products in the province are mainly ordinary products, products used in non important parts or infrastructure products. In the future, we should gradually optimize the product structure and increase the proportion of high value-added products. Three categories of export commodities (building materials, refractories and other non-metallic minerals)
Among metal ores and products), the proportion of building materials products is the highest, reaching 75.28%, while the proportion of refractory products is less than 10%. Therefore, the export potential of refractory products is great. The export quota bidding of bauxite, magnesia and other bulk raw materials also stimulated the export of refractory products. Bauxite bidding promotes the development of high alumina brick, clay brick and bauxite deep processing industry, which makes it possible to export high alumina amorphous refractories. Light and heavy firing
The bidding of magnesia promotes the export of magnesia refractory products such as magnesia carbon brick. The export of magnesia refractory materials has increased from less than 10000 T before the bidding to more than 100000 t now. The paid bidding of export quota effectively controls the total export volume, protects the precious mineral resources of our country, and exchanges more foreign exchange with less resources. After the bidding, the export volume of bauxite decreased by 44% and the amount of foreign exchange earning increased by 15%; the export volume of light and heavy burned magnesia decreased by 12% and the amount of foreign exchange earning increased by 60%. See Table 1. Undoubtedly, the export quota of refractory raw materials provides a good opportunity for the export of refractory products.
Countermeasures and suggestions
1. To increase investment in science and technology and promote structural adjustment in the world stage of competition for refractory raw materials, Henan Province should make full use of rich refractory raw materials resources, rely on scientific and technological progress, develop new high-quality synthetic raw materials and high-quality and efficient products with its own characteristics, and transform resource advantages into technical advantages, product advantages and competitive advantages. We should increase investment in science and technology and vigorously develop products with high added value, high quality and high performance. Relying on internationally advanced production technology, improve product quality, reduce costs and improve labor productivity. At the same time, we need to deepen the reform of the internal management mechanism of enterprises, improve the level of operation and management, and ensure their own good operation. Relying on the national industrial policies and market demand, we need to eliminate a large number of backward enterprises with high energy consumption, poor product quality and serious pollution, concentrate capital, resources and market share on the advantageous enterprises, significantly improve the capital concentration, and improve the overall operational capability of refractory raw materials export in our province.
2. The implementation of talent project aims to cultivate talents through various ways such as domestic colleges and universities, scientific research institutes or sending them to foreign countries for further study, absorb a batch of talents with doctor's degree, master's degree, bachelor's degree and specialty into enterprises in our province, and give them preferential treatment in work and life, trust, rely on and protect them, and keep them in business and development. It is the guarantee for the industry to win the competition in the international market to create a group of high-quality talents for the export of refractory raw materials in our province.
3. Participate in international exchanges, strengthen enterprise cooperation, encourage and support relevant personnel to go out, understand the requirements of the international market for the use of refractory raw materials, make full use of their own advantages, open windows to seize opportunities, and increase the opening up. The characteristics of refractory raw material industry in our province are that there are many enterprises, the concentration is not enough, it is difficult to form cohesion in raw material purchase, product export, anti-dumping and other aspects, and the competitive advantage is greatly weakened. Henan refractory industry association should strengthen the coordination of enterprises in the industry, strengthen the work, make the enterprises coordinate, complement each other's advantages, improve their competitiveness and jointly develop the international market under the guidance of relevant government departments