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Refractory bricks are not only fire-resistant, but also have the following basic characteristics and product classification

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2020/03/27 13:40
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Refractory brick products are usually divided into two types: unshaped refractory and shaped refractory. Unshaped refractory material: also known as castable, is a kind of mixed powder granular materi

Refractory brick products are usually divided into two types: unshaped refractory and shaped refractory. Unshaped refractory material: also known as castable, is a kind of mixed powder granular material composed of a variety of aggregates or aggregates and one or more bonding agents. It is necessary to mix with one or more liquids evenly and have strong fluidity when using. Fixed refractory material: usually made of refractory brick, its shape has rules and regulations, and it can also be temporarily processed as needed.

The basic characteristics of firebrick are determined by its internal chemical composition. Therefore, the composition is the basis of firebrick characteristics, and the composition and quantity directly determine the performance of firebrick. The finished refractory brick is also the mineral composition. The nature of refractory brick is a comprehensive reflection of its mineral composition and microstructure. Therefore, the influence on the function of the finished product cannot be analyzed simply from the chemical composition. The mineral composition of refractory brick depends on its chemical composition and technological conditions. Although the chemical composition of firebrick is the same, but if the processing conditions are different, the variety, quantity and crystal state of mineral phase will be different, and the function of firebrick will be different.

In addition, the refractory brick is affected by various physical and chemical actions in the process of high-temperature application, and is damaged by erosion, abrasion or cracking. Therefore, it is necessary for firebrick to have the function of adapting to various working conditions, and the function is closely related to the composition and structure. However, it is necessary to emphasize that the macroscopical arrangement and structure of firebrick are also important factors affecting the application function, and the functional index can reflect the connotation structure of firebrick. For example, it indicates the properties of fineness - porosity, bulk density and true density of firebrick; it indicates the properties of gas permeability - permeability of firebrick; it indicates the properties of thermal function - linear expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, heat capacity and temperature conductivity of firebrick; it indicates the properties of mechanical function - constant temperature, high temperature, compressive strength and high temperature flexural strength of firebrick , high temperature torsion strength, high temperature creep and modulus of elasticity of firebrick, indicating that the high temperature function is characterized by fire resistance, high temperature load soft, chemical temperature, high temperature volume stability, thermal shock resistance and slag resistance. Therefore, in order to achieve the expected application effect, it is necessary to select the application part carefully according to the characteristics and technical requirements of thermal engineering design and the chemical composition, mineral deposit and microstructure, macro arrangement and performance index of refractory brick.
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