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Hui Xinlong tells you what are the mineral components of high alumina bricks?

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2018/04/25 16:48
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The main component of high-aluminum brick production is Al2O3. If you want to have better performance, you need other ingredients to match. What is the mineral composition of high-alumina bricks?
1. The mineral composition of high alumina bricks is determined by the bauxite used. The mineral composition of clinker is generally mullite, corundum and glass. It has needle-like crystals and has a network cross structure, and the high temperature state shows good strength.
2. Based on the mineral composition of mullite, according to the content of aluminum oxide, the phase composition of the high alumina brick can be judged. When the aluminum oxide in the brick is lower than 71.8%, the composition is based on mullite and silica. When the aluminum oxide in the brick exceeds 71.8%, the excess aluminum oxide forms corundum crystal at high temperature, and two of them are formed at the same time. The high temperature crystal phase increases the eutectic temperature.
The key to the production of high-aluminum bricks with various mineral components is that the ratio is reasonable. Otherwise, the products may not be able to achieve the expected results, and the quality of the products may not be up to standard, causing losses to the enterprise.
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