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The life of high alumina bricks is related to those aspects

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2016/09/08 15:53
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High-aluminum bricks are usually made of soft clay or semi-soft clay as a contact agent. Together with Henghui high-alumina bricks, they also participate in a small amount of pulp waste liquid to impr
High-aluminum bricks are usually made of soft clay or semi-soft clay as a contact agent. Together with Henghui high-alumina bricks, they also participate in a small amount of pulp waste liquid to improve the forming function and improve the strength of the green body. The expansion of the green body caused by the reverberation of the second Moly Petrochemical is the main question to consider the amount of application of the associated clay. When making the first and second high alumina bricks, the corundum content of the clinker clinker or its mineral composition is not uniform. In order to reduce the formation of secondary mullite, it is generally not advisable to associate clay with Henghui high alumina bricks. When making high-aluminum bricks with three-grade bauxite clinker, the amount of contact with clay can be determined according to the process conditions such as mud material formation and finished product firing, without thinking about the second Molai petrochemical problem. In practice production, the amount of clay used is shaken at 5%-10%. High alumina bricks have high refractoriness, acid and alkali slags are highly corrosive, and high temperature mechanical strength is high. Therefore, it is often used to replace high-quality clay bricks and silica bricks, which will improve the life of the furnace. At present, it is mainly used for masonry blast furnace, hot blast stove, electric furnace top, blast furnace, reverberatory furnace, kiln lining of the same kiln, semi-circular sulphur and wind-fire partition wall of regenerator of glass melting furnace.
The life of high-alumina bricks is mainly related to its quality, masonry construction and construction quality, and operational protection. To extend the life of high-aluminum bricks, it is necessary to control the quality of high-aluminum bricks. High-aluminum bricks have different application requirements in various parts of the furnace. High-aluminum bricks should satisfy these requirements under economic and reasonable criteria. There are many types of high-aluminum bricks. The height of high-aluminum bricks in each furnace should meet the requirements, and the surface should be flat. Reduce the amount of on-site processing, the masonry structure should be reasonable, the construction should be exquisite, the brick joints should be small and stable, the support structure and expansion joints should be properly left, and can withstand sudden changes in temperature and pressure. The high-aluminum bricks have higher refractoriness than clay bricks and semi-silica bricks, ranging from 1750 to 1790 °C, which is attributed to high-grade refractories. Due to the high Al2O3 content in the high-aluminum finished product, the amount of impurities is small, and the composition of the fusible glass body is small, so the load softening temperature is higher than that of the clay brick, but the mullite crystal does not constitute the network structure, so the load softening temperature is still free of silicon. Brick high.
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