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High aluminum brick manufacturers tell you how to prevent high alumina bricks?

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2018/05/21 15:16
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How to prevent high-alumina bricks? Let's take a look at the high alumina brick manufacturer - Zhengzhou Huixinlong Refractory Co., Ltd.
How to prevent high-alumina bricks? Let's take a look at the high alumina brick manufacturer - Zhengzhou Huixinlong Refractory Co., Ltd.:
1. Anti-fouling technology for waxes, organic coatings and hydrophobic surfactants
Wax and organic coatings are commonly used as antifouling agents for high alumina bricks in Xinjiang, but the effect has been unsatisfactory. Although waxing can prevent dirt, the surface tension of the wax is large, and the surface of the high alumina brick in Xinjiang is kept for a short time, and the wax is a coating material, an airtight sealant. After the wax is finished, the outside water and moisture cannot enter the interior of the tile, and the water vapor is isolated, which has a good antifouling effect. However, wax is prone to yellowing in the air and sunlight for a long time, and the wax film is easy to wear, the antifouling effect is short, and the wax itself is easily contaminated. Fine particles such as dust are embedded in the wax to form wax scale, and the cleaning is very good. inconvenient. Therefore, waxing is not a good antifouling measure. In addition, the application of organic coating affects the gloss of the surface of high alumina bricks.
2, fluorine-containing low surface energy type antifouling technology
The fluorine-containing compound has a very low surface energy, the surface tension of the perfluoroalkane is as low as 10 mNm, and the contact angle ratio with the silicone is 110:101, so that it has superior antifouling and anti-sticking ability. Although the antifouling performance of fluorine-containing compounds is better, it is rarely used in the field of high-aluminum brick antifouling technology because it is relatively expensive, so fluorine compound antifouling technology is rarely used at present.
3, silicone anti-fouling technology
The surface energy of high alumina brick surface treatment agent is an important factor in the surface antifouling performance. Low surface energy can prevent the adsorption of dust, microorganisms, water-based substances, particles, etc., and is easily desorbed under the action of external force. Silicone has a low surface tension and can be as low as 21 to 22 mNm. It is an ideal and widely used waterproof and antifouling agent for high alumina brick surfaces. The principle of the silicone antifouling treatment agent is different from the commonly used surface treatment agent. The silicone surface antifouling treatment agent generates a layer of insoluble hydrophobic water on the surface of the high alumina brick by chemical reaction with the structural material. The resin film not only has hydrophobic and anti-stick properties, but also maintains the normal gas permeable effect of the tile.
The above is a simple introduction of high-aluminum brick manufacturers. I believe that through our introduction, we already know the anti-fouling method of high-aluminum bricks. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our official website!
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